While spring is just around the corner, temperatures are still cold in certain parts of the country. Even if it’s warm by you, maybe you need easy ideas to keep your older kids occupied while napping your baby or need a new idea for a rainy weekend activity. Whatever you reasoning, it’s helpful to have a list of simple projects you can make and enjoy with your children. Here are several trending activities that are easy to make, do not require an art degree, foster creativity and fine-motor skills:

No Bake Play-Dough Recipe: This is a new twist on an old idea. Making your own play-dough has been around for years, but this recipe incorporates glitter. A small change, but for kids into princesses or magic, it makes it super fun.

Glow In the Dark Slime: Kids love playing with store-bought slime so why not make your own? This site gives you three different recipes to not only make slime, but have it glow-in-the-dark.

Growing Herbal Garden: Even though it’s too early in some areas to start outside gardening, get a few pots and let your kids plant seeds to grow herbs inside. We grow basil so that the kids can use it on our garlic bread. You can also have the kids pick out a few packages of wild flower seeds and plant these inside. Once the weather gets warmer, you can transfer these outdoors. When buying pots, get the terra cotta ones so your children can paint the pots before planting.

Silly Putty: My Kindergartner made this at school and is such an easy arts and craft idea that only requires two ingredients.

Sand Foam: Here is another recipe that only requires two ingredients. It is the best way to play with sand. It keeps it intact so it’s not super messy. Plus, if your kids are missing the beach this time of year, it brings a little bit of the beach indoors.

Crayon Creations: Spring is coming and if you’re like most people, it’s time for some spring cleaning. Instead of throwing away all those broken crayons, save them and use a muffin tin to make new crayon creations with your kids. You can also save these to use as future goody bag giveaways for an upcoming birthday party.

Lifesize Portrait: Either use a roll of craft paper or we have used the backside of wrapping paper to trace your child’s body. They can then color the tracing of their body and hang it up in their room.

Painting with and Making Your Own Glue: My children love to use colored glue in various art projects, but this site takes it a step further. First, they teach you how to make colored glue and then use the glue bottles to paint pictures. If you’re like me and find it takes longer to clean up a project than to actually create it, this is a great idea. No need for water or paint brushes.

Papier Mache: Papier macheis a method in which you cut strips of newspaper and use a paste to adhere it to an object. This particular one uses a balloon. You cover the entire balloon with newspaper and paste and let it dry. Once it is dry, your kids can paint their hardened creations.

No Mess Finger Painting: This concept is great since there is no clean up. Simply take zip locks bags and add a little finger paint. Then let kids draw with their fingers outside the bags, making designs, all while the paint stays inside the bags.

Do you have other favorite indoor arts and crafts projects for your kids? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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